Alexander Jackson

Meditation Bracelet • Black Lace Agate


Handmade by Alexander Jackson, these bracelets are a labor of love. Each one-of-one piece is created with 100% Sterling Silver findings and true gemstones. Mr. Jackson picks each stone to highlight their distinct qualities

  • Gemstones: Black Lace Agate
  • 7th Stone: White Ocean Jasper
  • Length - 7 3/4 Inches from clasp to base of chain
  • XJ jewelry box included
  • Contact for custom orders & size adjustment

Black Lace Agate

Element: Earth

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: To activate this crystal, affirm: I am prosperous in all that I work towards. 

The Stone of Change, Black Lace Agate is calming yet provides protection, strength, alertness, agility, stamina, and guidance in times of growth to spurt the beginning of a new chapter in life. It keeps the body grounded by connecting to the energies of the Earth alleviating feelings of worry and unneeded stress helping release old stagnant energies. It brings emotional stability and rational thinking to understand oneself and others from a place of compassion. This Agate will soothe your emotions, while bringing a sense of calm, and deep peace. It is known to stimulate the mind, increasing intuition, psychic abilities, and wild imagination. 

Uses: Black Lace Agate fosters change, growth, and transcendental experiences. It will keep you grounded to the vibrations of the Earth making it ideal in times of chaos and fear. Use it to reduce fear, panic, and anxiety. Carry or wear to aid in protecting you from someone else's drama so that you don’t get consumed with that negativity. Its balancing energy will nurture you into a deep calm, while reducing stress, and aggressiveness. It will soothe your emotions to aid in expressing thoughts from a place of care, and love. The calmness and balance you get will allow you to move forward in life with confidence, helping you overcome any obstacle, and attract prosperity. 

In meditation, Black Lace Agate is able to keep you protected while allowing you to accept the changes to come. It will guide you through the spiritual realms while keeping you grounded to Earth. It will work as a guide to cleanse your system, and lead you to what really matters in your life. Taking you on a journey deep within to help let go of past memories, and trauma, while keeping you grounded, protected, and strong.

Physical: Black Lace Agate can help in healing the bone structure. It is great for treatments in bone marrow, teeth, feet, and the skeletal system. By balancing the right and left hemisphere of the brain it harmonizes the brain to be more efficient and effective helping reduce symptoms of dyslexia, mitigate paranoia, and improve hand-eye coordination. 

Metaphysical: Black Lace Agate is used by energy workers as a source of protection and grounding while performing ceremonies of connecting to angelic realms, and cord cutting.

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