10 Year Anniversary - We're Back!

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been ten years since I first presented Alexander Jackson to the world. I started creating Collection One in 2011 with a few guiding principles. The first was to create clothing that my children would want to inherit in thirty+ years. I envisioned each piece as it would age and eventually become an heirloom garment for a second and third generation. When I create music, clothing, or jewelry, my approach is similar. I build a world around an idea until it feels whole. When designing Purebred American Mutt, that phrase (taken from a conversation with my tattoo artist years before) encapsulated the time and environments I was living in. Still today, it defines myself and so many of my friends and chosen family. 

The limited runs produced of each garment have sold word-of-mouth over the last decade. By happy coincidence, in the fall of 2021, I started selling in Brooklyn Denim Co, a store I’ve loved for years. That experience inspired me to re-shoot the collection, update the old website, create some new goods, and re-present the brand I put my heart and soul into for so many years.

This time around, I’ve added made-to-order options for our tailored garments, and you’ll find a beautiful new overcoat in the collection. I’m very excited to be introducing jewelry to the Alexander Jackson line as well. I’ve been handmaking our ‘meditation’ bracelets and will continue to update the site with new pieces regularly. I’ve got more in mind for the future, and hope you keep on the journey with me. Thank you to everyone who’s been a friend and supporter along the way. :) 

With Love, Alexander Jackson