Alexander Jackson

Meditation Bracelet • Pink Ocean Jasper


Handmade by Alexander Jackson, these bracelets are a labor of love. Each one-of-one piece is created with 100% Sterling Silver findings and true gemstones. Ocean Jasper comes in a wide variety of colors. Mr. Jackson picks each stone to highlight different hues and tones on every bracelet

  • Gemstones: Pink Ocean Jasper 
  • 7th Stone: Aqua Green Ocean Jasper
  • Length - 8.5 Inches from clasp to ring
  • XJ jewelry box included
  • Contact for custom order & size adjustment

Ocean Jasper

Key Words: Enjoyment of life, release of negativity and stress, relaxation, positive self-expression, physical and emotional healing

Element: Earth

Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th), Throat (5th)

Ocean Jasper is an unusual Jasper variety found only in Madagascar. Like other Jaspers, it is a member of the Quartz family, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 6.5 to 7. Its crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal). Ocean Jasper's colors vary widely, including vivid shades of white, green, pink, red and black. Its patterns are wild and indescribable, with banding, polka dots, wavy lines with scalloped edges and multicolored florets. The cavities in Ocean Jasper are often filled with sparkling druzy Quartz.

Robert Simmons - Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens one's awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts one's mood through its positive vibrations.

When one is under its influence, it is difficult to takes one's problems and dissatisfactions as seriously as one normally does. Ocean Jasper helps lift the veil of negativity which many people unconsciously wear over their eyes, and when this veil is lifted, it is much easier to see and appreciate the many blessings of life.

Ocean Jasper stimulates the solar-plexus, heart and throat chakras with its beneficial vibrations, conveying the urge to feel, speak and act more positively. It supports the expression of love in one's words and deeds, and it helps one to realize what and whom one truly loves. It banishes complacency and the habit of taking one's loved ones, health, prosperity or security for granted. It brings one's consciousness to the present moment, relieving worry about the future or bitterness about the past. It allows for the release of stress and escapism, helping one understand the value of the here and now.

Ocean Jasper is helpful to those who suffer from depression. Its capacity to gently focus one's awareness on the positive, wholesome aspects of life can be a great boon to those who are lost in a cloud of darkness. It can help individuals give up self-destructive addictive behaviors by making them conscious of what they are doing and opening their eyes to a better reality.

It is beneficial to wear or carry Ocean Jasper in social situations, the workplace, or anywhere that one will be among groups of people. Its positive vibrations are amplified and spread through one's energy field to everyone nearby. Carrying Ocean Jasper into a committee meeting can help create a cooperative atmosphere. Bringing it to a party can relax oneself and others, making for a good time all around.

Healing practitioners are advised to put a piece of Ocean Jasper in the healing space, in order to keep the atmosphere of the room pleasant and relaxing. Placing one of these stones in the client's hand or on the body can make the person more receptive to the work. Using Ocean Jasper in meditation will help one let go of thoughts and become centered.

Ocean Jasper harmonizes with all other types of Jasper and with the Quartz family. Amethyst, Sugilite and/or Charoite add spiritual protection and purification to Ocean Jasper's wholesome energies. Lepidolite and Amblygonite can increase Ocean Jasper's relaxing influence. Strombolite can add levity and humor to Ocean Jasper's high spirits.

Naisha Ahsian - In spite of its name, Ocean Jasper is a powerful Earth element stone with wonderful physical healing properties. Perhaps the ripple-like patterns this stone inspired its name, but on closer examination you will see that these 'ripples' also appear to be cells. The name 'Cellular Jasper' might provide a more accurate description of this stone's properties.

Ocean Jasper allows one to access cellular memory and other energetic patterns that enter physicality and manifest in the body on a cellular level. In Crystal Resonance Therapy work, this stone is used to move down through the cells and into the pre-physical conscious-ness, where the energetic filters that create one's reality are held. In shifting the frequencies of these filters, one can change the patterns that manifest disease and our physical world.

Ocean Jasper is a soothing, centering stone that is useful in facilitating meditative states and an experience of presence in the moment. It helps calm one's thoughts and centers one within a total experience of all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual: Ocean Jasper reminds us to embrace the physical vehicle and physical world as temples for one's soul and the consciousness of Creation. It assists one in locating and clearing limiting or 'stuck' patterns of energy that may create physical imbalance or disease.

Emotional: Ocean Jasper is a calming, soothing stone for the emotional body. It can help one maintain a centered emotional state and prevents overreaction or ego identification.

Physical: Ocean Jasper supports the regeneration of tissues in the body, the healing of organs, and balancing of the glandular system. It is useful in stabilizing thyroid and adrenal secretions and assisting the endocrine system in balancing the body's biochemistry.

Affirmation: I release negative patterns of thoughts, words and deeds which may adversely affect my emotional/physical self, and I embrace the many blessings of life.


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